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India: A leading choice for medical treatment
Travel Health Support
Accessible, affordable and thoughtful medical care for you.
Travel Health Support
Customized personal care.
Travel Health Support
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Travel Health Support

Personalised expert advice

We understand that every patient requires care in their own unique way. Therefore, we ensure that when you call, we get to know your area of concern and ask for your medical records so that we can help make a treatment plan that best suits you.
Travel Health Support

Advice from the best surgeons

If needed, we schedule a call with the surgeon, where you can discuss your concerns in detail over a voice or video call.
Travel Health Support

Comprehensive treatment plan

Upon a discussion with you and after receiving your medical records, our highly experienced medical team creates a treatment plan for us to send to you.
Travel Health Support

End-to-End assistance

Our job doesn’t end with the first call. When you choose us, we are there for you every step of the way. From assisting you with your travel arrangements and medical visa, to post hospitalization accommodation, we help you figure everything out.
Travel Health Support

Transparent costing

Medical expenses can often sound layered. Not with us. We ensure that when we present a cost alongside the plan, we stick to it. We ensure that you do not have to deal with any hidden costs.

The Journey


Get in touch with us by filling out the form here

Have a conversation with us about your area of concern and share your medical records with us

Our medical team creates a treatment plan for you

We help you with the medical visa and travel arrangements

Upon reaching India, a pick-up and drop service will be arranged for you to reach your accommodation/hospital depending on your case

We will be your point of contact for all your medical and non-medical requirements during your stay in India

After the procedure and required recovery time, you travel back to your home country and can follow up with your doctor via email/call if you wish to


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We have built TRUST in exchange of smiles and that has enabled us touch lives in many ways

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Remote Care
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Hassle Free Planning

Why Travel Health Support?

While envisioning medical care for either yourself or for a loved one, you are always on the lookout for the best possible options. There are many areas that you look into while analysing the next step. Who would the best doctor be to address your concern? What kind of medical treatment would work for you? Would it be cost-effective? Would you get the undivided personal care you need in sensitive times like these?

We understand that completely.
With Travel Health Support, we are here to guide you towards effective medical treatment in India. Our team of highly skilled doctors, surgeons and healthcare administration, are here to ensure that you get personalised attention as per your needs at some of the best hospitals in India.

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